Stylish and Affordable Bangkok Accommodations at Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Bangkok is a favorite destination by travelers and tourists from all over the world. It offers and intriguing mix of west and east thus you can expect a contrast of cultural landmarks alongside modern buildings. The city also offers unique flavors and an amazing shopping experience. Thai people are known for their friendly and warm hospitality and this is evident at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel.

Standing at 88-storey high, you will impressed at the sight that Baiyoke Sky Hotel as it joins the brilliant cityscape. Hotel guest can expect high end and stylish amenities, services and luxurious rooms where they can enjoy an amazing view of the city. Despite the lux and rather fancy feel, you will be surprise that everything about Baiyoke Sky Hotel is set at a reasonable price.


Whether you’re in Bangkok for business or leisure, Baiyoke Sky Hotel has everything that you will need. They have impressive conference and banquet rooms, a swimming pool, spa and fitness center as well as beauty salons. You may have a breathtaking experience at the Observation Deck and Revolving View Point where you can have a 360-degree view of the city skyline.



The hotel also boasts of a wide array of international and local cuisines served by different restaurants and cafes inside the hotel. The Bangkok Sky Restaurant allows guest to enjoy the view while they dine and enjoy live music for the unforgettable Bangkok experience.


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The Best Place to Start Your Tour of the Great Wall of China

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Items To Have to Enjoy Philippine Festivals to the Fullest

Filipinos love fiestas and festivals that is why many tourists from different nations come to visit and join the celebration. Fiestas and festivals are usually coupled with a lot of street dancing and going around town. If you want to get into the groove and enjoy the celebration, you must have these essentials with you – water, umbrella, fan, extra towels, extra batteries for your phone, smaller bills or coins and some first aid medicines. Expect to have a lot of people jostling around but also be prepared to experience colors, animation and a truly festive air so don’t forget your camera so you can have memories of experience in a Philippine Festival.

On Collecting Knives

Hobbies can be a lot of fun. If you have been thinking about starting a hobby, there are certainly many for you to choose from. Some of the most popular hobbies are collecting comic books, sports cards, autographs and stamps. However, if none of those things get you excited, you might want to give knife collecting a try. There are a wide range or styles, models and manufacturers to collect. Once you buy your first knife, you might find it hard to stop collecting them. Collecting knives is a cool hobby. Here are some of the reasons to get started collecting knives.

Most men think knives are cool

Once you start to amass a large collection of knives, all of your male friends and family members will want to stop by and take a look at it. Discussing your knife collection with your friends and family is a great way to do some male bonding. There is just something about a knife that the vast majority of men find very appealing. It might be their physical appearance. It could also be the fact that it is an essential hunting and survival tool. Whatever the reason for the appeal of knives, your friends might want to start their own knife collections after they see yours. If you are interested in buying some switchblades knives, you will find a nice selection at

Knives look good on display

Once you have got your collection of knives started, you will want to show everyone the fruits of your labor. This means that you will need to put them on display. There are many different styles of display cases you can use to show off your greatest items to all interested parties. It is really a cool thing to come into a person’s room and see a case full of knives hanging on the wall. The shininess of knives makes them very pleasing to the eye, as well as a terrific decoration for your walls.

They are a good investment

There are certain models of knives that go up in value as the years go by. When a model gets discontinued, the demand for that knife often goes up. This increases the value of that particular knife. Knives that had a small production run are often worth a lot of money. So you can collect knives not only for the fun of it, but also as an investment.