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Enjoying Free Wifi at Jakarta Airport

I am here in Jakarta waiting for our flight back via Philippine Airlines. On the way to the waiting area, I saw JJ Royal Coffee with a big sign Free Wifi. Bingo! Its the perfect place to wait for our boarding time while blogging and facebooking!

So the next time you come to Jakarta, dont forget this shop to get a free wifi. :)

Our flight is at 12:50 AM (1:50 Manila time). I cant wait to see my hubby and kids at home. The driver will fetch us this time as it is too early for hubby. :)

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Clean And Green Surabaya

I am here around 3 days now and already missing my kids and my office. Its as if I am away for a month or so. I guess thats life is when you are a mommy.

Anyway, Surabaya is such a nice, clean and green city. The city has a lot of rivers and canals but amazingly clean! That is something I admire here, of course when are outside of your country, you tend to compare it with your own country. Its such a pity that my country Philippines is not as clean as Surabaya.

But as a green advocate, I pray and hope that with a lot of environmental campaigns all over the country, the perception of the Filipinos will change and clean up rivers – especially Pasig River.

Indonesia Here I Come

Its official, its confirm and its final! We are leaving for Indo on Wednesday morning. We intended to come back on Sunday but schedule changed. We will be coming home on Wednesday. Its so sad that I will be away from my family but work is work. No work no money no honey! lol

While gone, I hope that I will find time to blog about my whereabouts, places I’ve been and food I’ve eaten. Its going to be exciting! Wish me luck!

I may have mentioned before, we will not be going to Surabaya anymore, instead the meeting will take place in Jakarta and probably going Bali for a side trip! Who wants to come?

Trip to Indonesia

I just booked and purchased our ticket  for Jakarta leaving on Wednesday via the online service of Philippine Airlines. We will be visiting 2 papermills in Surabaya and probably a visit at a sticker dealer in Semarang, Indonesia, and probably a side trip to Bali.

We used to travel with Cebu Pacific for their midnight trip but its really a hell of a trip. Its the worst time to travel and since its cheaper than any airline, we opted for that. Price is more important at times than comfort. Imagine this: we  fly  from Naia 3 at night, to arrive in Jakarta at  1:00 AM then wait for the booking office of a local airline like Garuda to open, while waiting, sleep in the bench until dawn.. once the ticket is purchased, wait for the plane to depart for Surabaya. I mean who wants that flight? Certainly not me!!

While writing now, I feel lonely already leaving my family behind. Its a business trip so I must go, after all, this is for them. For the betterment of the company and for my kids future. So wish me luck please.

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