Indonesia Here I Come

Monday, February 21, 2011

Its official, its confirm and its final! We are leaving for Indo on Wednesday morning. We intended to come back on Sunday but schedule changed. We will be coming home on Wednesday. Its so sad that I will be away from my family but work is work. No work no money no honey! lol

While gone, I hope that I will find time to blog about my whereabouts, places I've been and food I've eaten. Its going to be exciting! Wish me luck!

I may have mentioned before, we will not be going to Surabaya anymore, instead the meeting will take place in Jakarta and probably going Bali for a side trip! Who wants to come?

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  1. uban ko be, hehehe...maayo pa ning writer diri kay sige lang laag...hehehe

    di ko member adtong bisdak blogger Tin.

  2. na kalimot na noon ko...Happy trip diay...hehe


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