Sulfur Emissions in Valencia, Negros

Friday, February 04, 2011

One of the must see in Dumaguete is a visit at the known Palinpinan. I went there with hubby last December to witness that so called sulfur manifestations. I was able to see the hot springs which was damaged by the recent flooding / water problem last year.

Its sure its scary to see this phenomenon but according to tagajawa posted in the Negros Chronicle, that he has spoke to some geologist about this phenomenon. He mentioned that it is normal that during summer months, the surface water dries up. During the rainy season, this surface water keeps the hot water or hot bedrock cool and thus there is no hot steam emissions from the ground.

However during the summer months, there is no more ground water to cool down the hot bedrock or heater water below ground, thus we see steam emissions, otherwise the most we would see are just hot springs.

We went there last December and there was not much rain, but there are emissions from the ground. It really stinks!

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