Tips on Safe Travel

Thursday, February 17, 2011

In less tha 2 months, its going to be summer vacation for our kids and its the best time to travel around the provinces or abroad. I suggest to travel within the Philippines as there are a bunch of tourist attraction that are not really advertised and yet offers a better alternative than the places we've known. My friend travelled with his family to as far as Banaue Rice Terraces using their Acura TL.

Another suggestion I could give is to visit Pagudpud. I visited that place  once before way back 2000 and  immediately fall in love with the  place because of its untouch beauty, the beaches are great too.  On the way there, you'll see the green side of the country. I am sure, the kids or even the kids at heart will also love the place.

But I suggest that prior to going on a long trip, the car needs to be check for brake job. Its the easiest to do and yet the most important aspect of the car. You also have to check if you need oil change. But if you are too busy to do it yourself, you can also just bring your car to a shop like Houston auto repair and let them handle everything from A to Z.

While waiting for them to repair, you could start packing and planning your itinerary.

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