Trip to Indonesia

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I just booked and purchased our ticket  for Jakarta leaving on Wednesday via the online service of Philippine Airlines. We will be visiting 2 papermills in Surabaya and probably a visit at a sticker dealer in Semarang, Indonesia, and probably a side trip to Bali.

We used to travel with Cebu Pacific for their midnight trip but its really a hell of a trip. Its the worst time to travel and since its cheaper than any airline, we opted for that. Price is more important at times than comfort. Imagine this: we  fly  from Naia 3 at night, to arrive in Jakarta at  1:00 AM then wait for the booking office of a local airline like Garuda to open, while waiting, sleep in the bench until dawn.. once the ticket is purchased, wait for the plane to depart for Surabaya. I mean who wants that flight? Certainly not me!!

While writing now, I feel lonely already leaving my family behind. Its a business trip so I must go, after all, this is for them. For the betterment of the company and for my kids future. So wish me luck please.

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