New Body Kits

Friday, March 11, 2011

Its summer time once again and I am sure a lot of you are already planning your summer vacation. I bet the first on the list is going on a beach escapade or go outdoors, maybe to somewhere remote. Well, who wouldn't right? Its the best time for the family to get together as the kids are free from school.

On our recent trip to Indonesia as I have mentioned in my other blog that on our way to Mount Bromo in Surabaya, the car we were using needs an immediate repair so we sent it to a nearby repair shop. While in the shop, I saw a Toyota Rav 4 parked and the guys were installing new body kits. I was like wow. It was really nice and unique! I didnt see such design in Manila.

My hubby back home would surely want to have that body kit in his Rav 4. His car is kind of old already and really need a makeover. That would be ideal but we need to save some money for that purpose. I hope this summer, we could buy his needed parts so he would be happy. A newly repaired car with new fixtures would surely boast our travel plans.

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