Party at Desperados Bar

Saturday, March 05, 2011

In one of our Surabaya nights, we were invited for dinner at Desperados Bar and Restaurant  situated at the  Shangrila Hotel. The restaurant/bar  is a Mexican inspired serving of course mostly Mexican foods. We had Fajita and some salads for dinner,  after dinner, we transferred to the other side of the bar to watch the band playing.

The crowd are mostly foreigners with local girls.  I didnt get the name of the band or singers but they were just so-so. Nothing spectacular like most Filipino bands are! (I love my own! lol) Kidding aside, they were friendly and can sing well but it doesnt mean that I was impressed!

Below is the design of the bar . That is where most foreign guests were sitting. If you are alone, this is the best spot.

At the last set, the singers came at the bar table and dancing and singing.  It was fun but the crowd that time is not as lively as Filipinos. We wanted to dance actually but were just ashame! :)

So,  if you are in Surabaya and wants to take a break, visit Desperados Bar and Restaurant.

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  1. nice bar set up as seen in the pictures :) look like you had much fun :)

  2. what a party scene!

    Your newest follower here via PMB, droppin by to spread some sweets. Enjoy the rest of the weekend
    I Love Darly
    Food and Passion

  3. This is a cool place to spend your dinner :D I agree to what you said about the bands in the Philippines.. Magagaling talaga kumanta mga pinoy...

    Anyway, just dropping by here. Join ka te sa giveaway ko :) Salamat

  4. Visiting you here thru the travel link exchange. :)

  5. Hemmm.. miz ko na ang mga ganito.. barkada/cousins night-outs at disco afterwards.. :( Thanks for sharing mommy Tin.. now I feel nostalgic.. :D

    By the way mommy, added this na (actually all ur 6 blogs) on my mommy blog. HOpe u could do the same.. muahhh!


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