8 Tips For A Smooth Drive To The Countryside

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Summer is sun, sand and fun. Kids are bored at home so we as parents, tries to bring them in the countryside while people from the countryside will bring the kids in the city. Here are 8 tips from Working Mom Magazine for a smooth drive to the countryside.

1. Recharge, refuel and recondition your vehicle
Get your oil changed, check your batteries and your brake fluid and make sure your tires are in the best condition.

2. Travel with the right company
They say familiarity breeds contempt, and long hours of confinement inside a moving vehicle can test people's patience.

3. Enlist a co-driver
This way, you can also take a nap and recharge, or simply sit back and enjoy the view.

4. Prepare a special playlist
It will keep you awake during long drives and cool you down in major traffic

5. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen
You can get sunburn even in the cool confines of your car. Sunglasses will prevent eye strain and too much time on unnecessary stops.

6. Stock up on snacks
This will save you from spending too much money on convenience store meals and from wasting too much time on unnecessary stops.

7. Keep boredom at bay
Bring games that kids can play while on the road or start a game of I Spy. Make prior research on the route your taking and the thinks of interest on the way to your destination so you can amuse them with snippets of trivia and stories.

8. Bring in a positive vibe and have fun
Begin your road trip with an adventurous spirit. Keep an open mind and be ready to embrace all the little surprises and perhaps some mishaps) that you will meet along the way. Enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

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  1. iSpy doesn't work with my son anymore. i bought lots of magnetic board games for our 1hour plane trip to the province :)

    followed sis, can you follow my new blogs too :)
    healthy mind and body 101 | Today's News

    sis, have you joined the Mother's Day Contest? Only a one-sentence answer is needed to win $$ :)

  2. It doesnt work for mine too.. I have to download new games for their psp. :)

  3. Thanks for these tips! Will keep these noted. However, I agree though that some kids may get bored with iSpy. But then again, some kids may not. It would be great to keep them busy during the trip with handheld gadgets and such. :D Blog hopping here! :)

  4. ayay! very helpful tips....:) agi ko dire te....salamat sa visits...na tawon, usa lang man ako blog naa PR3...eehehhee...nasalagmaan lang man tawon to....out of 10 active blogs 2 lang man ka blogs nako may pr...ang usa PR1 lang...ehehhee...wala secret!

  5. really nice list for a traveler like me. Thanks much for the info.
    Hope you can leave a comment on my blog post too:

  6. I don't have small kids so I only have to take care of my own enthusiasm - which is in my case ever-present since I love nothing better than visiting new places... :)

  7. The last one is the most important. :) There will always be mishaps but it's all part of a memorable trip!

  8. wehhh lahat yan ginagawa ko :) wala akong nakakaligtaan lalo na ang pagkain ahaha


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