Circle Island Resort

Friday, May 27, 2011

Everytime our company has an event like the boss birthday party, Christmas, thanksgiving or any other gathering, we always held at the warehouse hiring singers, dancers, disco lights, sounds system, catering thats goes with the full buffet setup. But last March, on Uncle C's 50th birthday party, instead of a party, we opted for a celebration at pool - for a change!

We searched for a reasonable and affordable resort near our area, after checking other resorts, we chose Circle Island Resort for its ambiance, nice swimming pools and yes affordability.

The entrance fee for adults is Php 150.00 and kids for Php 100.00. After checking their website, there seems to be a different pricing depending on the season and since we went on March so we were charged for summer. But anyway, it is still cheaper compared to other resort as it has many valued added benefits.

These hut you can rent out depending on location and capacity. For more information, you can visit their site for a complete pricelist.

If you have a special function, perhaps a birthday party with numerous participants, this will be a very good venue as they have a big function room as shown below.

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  1. Checked their site and their rates are affordable nga. Not bad for place since the place looks beautiful.

  2. malinis ba ang pool sis?

    you might want to join Mom-ME time, where mommies rave about their ME time

  3. wow! ka nice sa place Tin. Agi ko kay nag adgi ko diri hehe

  4. Nice place! Pwede nga sya sa company outings thanks for this, isuggest ko sya sa next event :)

  5. added you to my sites : and

  6. Hi Tina,
    I added your link too. I love the view. Hope to see visit this someday soon with my kids.


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