Dried Fish

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do you like dried fish? We call dried fish in Tagalog "tuyo" and in Visayan "buwad" or "bulad" depending on your location either in Visayas or Mindanao.

Anyway, this photo is taken at a Korean public market. This is how their dried fish is displayed. Thats we cant help it but stop and take a photo - yes for souvenir. :)

Its always nice to travel to other country as you can see how they live and the way the eat.

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  1. Og my I miss bulad hehe..its been a long time since I eat last and wonder when I can eat again..Boring na masyado palage chicken baka lumipad na ako nito haha..anyway I have followed you hoep you do the same

  2. Hi sis! I think you left a link last time sa Thursday Brownies but it was broken.

    I get my supply of tuyo here and there, kakamiss!

  3. thanks sa comment on my blog makeover! need to have one na! wow! bulad!!! kung puede lang kumain ng kumain ng bulad, kaso di puede sa buntis.. hehehe


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