Ginger Beer

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hubby is currently in the canteen as he was invited by a friend in their shooting club for a drink. After sending us home, he came back and so here I am in my mini-office trying to blog about our previous activities.

Chedeng is arriving and is already pouring so much rain around our area. Its cold and I am in the mood for drinking. I looked at the fridge and saw this Angus O'Neil's Ginger Beer. I was curious about this beer as it says ginger..

The taste is kind of gingery.. and a little bit sweet.. a different taste! I am sure some of my lady friends will love this as it is not bitter at all.

Angus O'neil's is made in Australia. Named after the son of Frederick O'Neil who commenced bottling table ales in North Fitzroy. Its a family business he founded in 1840.

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