Korean Kimchi

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kimchi is one of the delicacies of korean food. Everytime Koreans eat, one of the variand in the table is always kimchi. There seems to be many kinds of kimchi. I should know because the wife of my boss is a Korean and everytime she comes here in the Philippines or we visit her in Germany, kimchi is always present in her fridge.

For that matter, I am kind of used to eating the korean way. When we went to Korea last year, we would always eat at traditional Korean restaurant and I say - its really difficult to sit in the floor. I mean with this kind of tummy now, hey, its difficult. I cant fold it!! lol

Anyway, while we were in Seoul, after a series of meetings and factory visits, we wanted to relax on our own and just walked along the busy streetrs of Seoul. Then our feet sent us to a market.. these photos are actually taken at a public market.

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  1. wow ang dami naman!! :) kaso d ko gano feel ang kimchi :D followed you na sis and ill add you to my blogrol :)


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