Grilled Fish For Dinner

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The fish kill story in Batangas and other provinces was catastrophic, not only to the businessman but also the fisherman. We as a consumer, were also afraid of buying milkfish or bangus and tilapia.

But just before the fish kill tragedy, we cooked a grilled milkfish for dinner with stuffing of our favorite tomatoes and onions.. made our dinner a sumptuous meal!


This is my entry for Yummy Sunday:

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  1. yummy! i miss eating bangus na hehee..

    happy YS!

    see yah!

  2. Visiting from Mommy Moments.

    My first YS post is up here.

  3. the last time we had milkfish was in February pa! waaahhh! i like bangus when it's marinated and then fried. visiting your YS entry! hope you can visit mine!

  4. wow! that looks delish sis! hope you could visit my entry at thanks!

  5. ayy ang sarap! gusto ko ung mga ganyang ulam lalo na pagnaka-kamay kumain! hmmm yummy!

    visiting from YS it's my 1st time to join, if u have time u can check mine here thanks

  6. Sarap naman! Miss na miss ko na talaga yung mga fresh fishes back home! We only have tuna here which we try to bear each time! LOL

    Check out my POTLUCK DISH which is everybody at the campsite's fave! See yah!

  7. ang sarap...i love it with those stuffing! miss ko na ang bangus, mahigit isang taon na, hayyy, ginutom ako sa entry mo! visiting from YS and wishing you a great week! :)

  8. The news about the fish kill is devastating. Those two fish are the only ones that I eat and now I can't because of what's happening to them.

    Visiting via Yummy Sundays.


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