Loving Indonesian Food

Monday, June 06, 2011

Early this year, we went to Surabaya to visit a friend at the same time offer our products for their Indonesian market. We were introduced to another guy who seems to be well aversed with stickers - all kinds of self adhesives paper and films. We offered him our products at the same time, learned about different kinds of stickers.

We were in this restaurant which serves mostly cakes or kakanin in our Filipino dialect.

Anyway, Indonesian foods are mostly cooked with coconut milk. There is a distinct aroma, but when you taste it, its taste so spicy, sometimes sweet.. but it tastes good. I will feature some of the photos taken while we were having dinner. I still have to dig it out from my archives.

Its funny, I know a lot of you find it funny even my boss and friends are laughing about me, but when you are a blogger, you have to document all your actions, foods, travels, everything.. so you have something to blog about.

For now, delight yourself with this pinkish, strawberry flavored cake. It looks good, but taste even better.

At the end of every meal, you ask yourself, is it worth it? Oh yes, taste matters!!

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  1. I wonder what this is called? I love their Martabak! I always ask for Martabak pasalubong from Indonesia :)

  2. It looks like a modification of the Dadar Gulung (rolled pancake), just instead of coconut grating fillings, it uses fla.

    Oh, and I got a lot of laughs too for before eating I have to take the picture of the food first :)

  3. I love strawberries. I'm s big fan of it.. Hope to have a taste on your dish..


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