Sunday On Our Own

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday is a family day. But today is something different, the kids went out with Ate Beng and Ate Weng - my trusted househelpers. Francis is invited by his classmate for a birthday party at Toms World. The other kids were tagged along, but not to gate crash the party - but to play on their own at Toms World.

Gate crashing is a big No! No.! Imagine, Francis is invited alone but parents (like me) would always assume that he comes with both parents or yaya + parent or just one either 1 parent or yaya. Then comes the team of Francis - a total of 5 headcounts. lol.. It will be embarassing! Though I am not there but its simple etiquette.

Our Sunday is completely on our own. Hubby requested to cook for instant noodles - the Korean version. Upon checking the pantry, we dont have anymore so I just cook Lucky Me instant noodles and just added extra spice.

That will be our food for lunch - an instant noodles for an instant lunch!

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