Tuesday Travels: Disneyland

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Travels - is the new photo meme hosted by Janet of The Travel Diva.

Today’s Question is:

Where is your Dream Destination?


For now, my dream destination is to go to Disneyland either in HK or wherever. My kids have been telling us to go there and be reunited with their favorite cartoon characters. I am sure its a dream come true for the boys and for our little princess as well. This is our ultimate family getaways that we are saving for. Instead of throwing birthday parties for my kids, I am thinking of making it worth remembering, worth saving for. And that is to celebrate where their hearts are!


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  1. It's nice that you're really working toward getting to your dream destination.. as for mine, I hope it will not remain to be just a 'dream'.. LOL!

    HEre's my entry for Tuesday Travels - Dream Destination

  2. if with family Tins ideal jud siya.. off to Tokyo lol.. agi ko for TT.

  3. oh, i'd love to go Disneyland too! i think it's everyone's dream! :) hope you could also visit me at http://culturemedley.com/2011/06/13/maldives-my-dream-vacation-destination/

  4. It would definitely be a dream come true to go to Disneyland for family activities.

    Now that my kids are older, I wanna go back there. I am sure they will enjoy Disneyland more now that they know more of Disneyland characters.

    Anyways, thanks for joining Tuesday Travels. Hope to see you again next week!

  5. I think every kid and kid at heart should experience Disneyland even once in their lives. My niece celebrated her 6th birthday last year in Disneyland HK. So lucky!

    Visiting via Tuesday Travels. Hope you can visit my Dream Destination: Japan

  6. Disneyland is my dream destination too and hope I'll be able to go there with my kids years from now. :)

  7. yup, this is one of my dream place to visit not just for me but for my kids to enjoy disney land and disney world. muntik na sana kami kaso ang husbandry walang datung waa

  8. Disneyland is a place for every kid and adults that are kids at heart! :) HK is the closes there, or Tokyo, but you can also try Orlando in Florida or LA in California! Hehehe...

    I hope you can check out my South African Dream! See yah!

  9. dream pud nako na ug sa akong family ang maka anha sa disneyland sis.. :) i added you in my blog roll diay ^_^

  10. Hi! thanks for the drop! btw, I like Disneyland too! But I would suggest that, if and able, on top of your Disneyland list is Disney World in Orlando Florida. I haven't been there though. If you were in LA, there are two theme parks in Anaheim, California Adventure and Disneyland. You need at least two days each if you want to get on all the rides. Hay naku, super taas ng pila kaya nakakadiscourage mag antay. Sa dami ng tao ang antayan halos isang oras sa isang ride lang, eh ang dami ring rides dun. And mas mabuti kung malalaki na ang mga bata kasi may height requirement. And kung sa LA din kau, at mahilig ka manood ng movies, DO NOT forget na dumaan sa Universal Studios. Grabe, amazing masyado Studio Tour pa lang (makikita mo dun yung mga stage/set/places na ginamit nila sa mga movies - na akala natin talagang sa New York, yun pala sa studio lang nila. The latest there yung Desperate Housewives na houses.

    Ngek, taas na pala to..yun lang..hihih

  11. wish i can drag my daughter to go back. the last time we were there it's my julie 1st and last. i guess she didn't like it :)

  12. I plan to bring my daughter to HK Disneyland next year. I'm saving up for it now :)


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