Chicken Feet Adobo

Monday, July 18, 2011

Its Monday and I knew I missed two food memes in row. And so I am making up for this one. My entry for this week is my favorite chicken feet adobo. I started eating chicken feet from the chinese food. Then my mom cooked chicken feet adobo, the rest is history.

I seldom eat this as hubby doesn't buy this in the market. But when I can come along, he simply cannot stop me. When I am stress and want to splurge myself with food, I better eat this than lechon. Whatchasay?

Have you tried this? Masarap eto.. try mo!



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  1. yay! i oso posted chicken feet last week.. :D

  2. ako na fave Tin, pero ako ra pod ang mukaon sa family...ako 2 boys di mukaon ani hahahaha.

  3. hala...nagutom tuloy ako waaaa :-)
    visiting back from YS meme ...salamat sa visit at sa comment Tina...enjoy your weekend..see you next time ha...

  4. Hay, one of my fave! Fave ko liver, feet and wings. Titilaok! LOL...


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