Royal K Buffet Closed?

Friday, July 22, 2011

A friend of mine visited us yesterday and after sending them at Mall of Asia to meet up with their other friends, we dropped by at McDonalds to buy happy meals and burgers for the yaya.

Afterwhich, we decided to eat at Yakimix for dinner. We were happy to get the nearest parking. At Yakimix, there were 4 groups ahead of us and after waiting for 15 minutes of waiting and cant wait any longer - we decided to leave and eat at Royal K Buffet at Bluewave. I bought 2 vouchers from eBay Kuponan months ago for a buffet meal.

Hubby parked and off we searched for the restaurant. Then got a surprise of my life!! Royal K Buffet is closed????

Holy smoke! Holy Cow! How can it be?

What happen to the coupon which I bought before? For the bin?

Royal K Buffet - I tried to call your number and unreachable! What a joke?!

I will surely raise this issue with eBay Kuponan. After all, its their responsibility as they are in principle the seller.

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