The Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A few years ago, we used to travel to Ifugao and Mountain Province to check on antiques. My boss is an antique collectors and although there are a lot of antique shops here in Manila, its still cheaper and nicer to go where the antiques come from to understand the culture and origin of these antiques.

This photo is taken a few years ago somewhere in that region. I could not remember exactly where.

At times, we were still able to talk to the real owners, although these are already passed from generations to generations. But make no mistake, even in there, there are a lot of antique reproductions. The seller will say its an old antique but you can see that its just a couple of years old, some are not really noticeable with some good patina. The popular antique in Ifugao is rice gods or locally known as bulul.

(bulul photo not mine. from google)

In my first time there, I was so happy and proud of being a Filipino. Imagine a seeing a mountains with rice terraces. You could see how creative and how they made it really perfect for their purpose. After a series of visits, I was still in awe! Maybe if I go back there, I will still be surprise.

There are hotel and pension houses there depending on your budget. I hope I could back there soon, this time I want to bring my kids to introduce them to one of the best tourist spot of the Philippines.

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