The Great Island Getaway in South Carolina

Friday, July 29, 2011

I have been hearing good reviews about an island resort in Hilton Head South Carolina. It is located in the beautiful Beaufort County. I have never been in this country yet but it is in the top of my travel wish.

Do you know why? Because the island has a lot to offer to vacationing families. Of course, we just want to give and provide our family the best getaway. We only travel once a year, at least for most of us, and so before going on that much awaited trip, one must check the full itinerary.

Here are the possible activities that you can do in the heart of Hilton Head:

1. Bicycle riding - you can tour the whole island using bicycle. So why not bring your biking gear for a day of bicycle ride.

2. Enjoying the wild life - while on the bicycle ride, be sure to stop and enjoy watching wild animals that sure are just around the corner.

3. Water Sports - If you are for kayaking, para-sailing, jetski and paddling, there are a lot of water sport equipments that you can rent out.

4. Shopping and Spa - A holiday vacation isn't complete without going to a spa and shopping. This is a must!

5. Historical journey - If history is your cup of tea, you will discover that this island is culturally rich.

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  1. Hi, this sounds interesting. Traveling is a must! It makes a lot of difference when one is able to travel to new places. :-)


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