A One Stop Shop For Bills Payment, E-Loading, Money Transfer and Ticketing

Monday, August 15, 2011

A friend of mine in multi-level marketing visited me last Saturday to introduce to me the latest concept and a possible business venture. This could possibly be my next move into another sideline business that I am thinking about.

The concept offers all-in-one shop offering cellphone loading, ticketing for local and international flights, bills payment, and money transfer. What makes this so inviting is the fact that all of that is a necessity in every household and every business. You could be a one-stop-shop for all needs.

I am already 80% sold out to be part of this. But prior to finalizing all details, I am already in search for flyers printing to be distributed to subdivisions, houses and business establishments, rack card printing for business establishments for ticketing and others, maybe a tarpaulin printing too to be posted on top of the store and displayed outside the establishment. I will probably make my own presentation to be posted in You Tube and in my blogs so I can ask my friends who are working and living outside the country to check.

What made me really decide for this is the fact that I like to travel here and abroad. When I checked their system and how it works - wow - its so cheap and easy to maneuver that any individual or newbie in technology can adapt easily. Our family of five will travel in December for Dumaguete and Cagayan de Oro and getting into this system will save me from high ticketing cost. If you are interested, just buzz me using the contact form.

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