Rent Apartment at Cochrane, Alberta

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More and more Filipinos are seeking greener pastures outside the country. Whether right or wrong, maybe, but I cannot see my family living outside the country. I am sure they can easily adapt to the new environment, new friends and new culture. I am not closing doors, as we don't know what the future will bring us, at least we are ready should life becomes harder here. A friend of mine is already in Canada and happy in their new place. She invited me to visit them next year and mentioned that there are Cochrane apartments for rent.

Lets play cowboys and cowgirls! I heard these from my kids while they were playing one day. For children who grow up in the city, living in the countryside with ranches and animals is an adventure!

Thus a visit to Cochrane, Alberta will be a joy to them! They love to play cowboys and cowgirl at home.

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