White Water Rafting in Costa Rica

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Costa Rica is a small country located in Central America. Its a tiny nation but is rich in natural wonders, amazing wildlife and a wide selection of outdoor activities. The flora and fauna are so rich that you can find more than hundreds even thousands of bird species, butterflies, plant species, orchids, amphibians and reptiles species.

There are several large river systems spanning a small country and offers opportunities for visitors to experience Costa Rica's wildlife. The most popular options for Costa Rica river cruises are Tarcoles River, Savegre River, Celeste River and Naranjo Pacuare River where tourist can enjoy the tropical climate, luxuriant vegetation while rafting through rugged and awesome canyons, past quiet swimming holes, and along the spectacular waterfalls and rainforest. Costa Rica is surely the home to some of the best white water rafting in the world!

Photo credit: bugbog.com

This is ideal for adventurous travelers and backpackers. For my family, I am sure my kids would love the adventure but I might not be able to take the white water rafting as I am scared of deep water and rough rapids.

My neighbor owns a travel agency and she is organizing a package deal trips for Costa Rica that includes the river cruise and white water rafting for next year. I have yet to consult my husband but I doubt that he would agree! I guess I have to conquer my fear but starting at the water rapids in Bukidnon in December. This is a must for me in preparation of bigger and brighter adventure!

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  1. My husband and his friend went to Costa Rica once and he said it is a really nice place to visit and photgraph. Thanks for sharing sis.


    Have a nice day sis.

  2. would love to try this water rafting adventure. pero hadlok.ehhehe added and followed.:-)


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