Bukidnon: Home of Natural Wonders and Magnificent Sights

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bukidnon is a landlocked province in Mindanao which is considered to be its food basket and the home of the finest and sweetest pineapples in the Philippines. But, there’s more to it than just pineapples!

There is no sea in Bukidnon but you’ll surely be amazed by its lakes, springs, rivers and waterfalls. Just along the Sayre Highway in Sumilao, Bukidnon, you’ll be able to see the

For fishing or boating or day tour excursion, the Lake Apo in Valencia is highly recommended. It is 24-hectares wide and 85-ft deep and has been dubbed as the cleanest and greenest inland body of water in Northern Mindanao. Another wonder-lake in Bukidnon is the Lake Pinamaloy in Don Carlos which can also be seen from the highway. It is a guitar-shaped freshwater lake that’s often used as picnic and fishing area. Another fishing area in Bukidnon is the Malagaha Lake which is a fishing ground for mudfish and a hunting area for wild ducks.

If swimming is your game, don’t miss to visit the Dila Falls whose waters is pleasantly cool, or the Mangima Park where you can also do horseback riding, or its numerous spring resorts such as RR Family Spring Resort which is overlooking the Pulangi Lake.

For thrill and adrenaline-rush seekers, don’t miss the Dahilayan Adventure Park. Experience for yourself their breathtaking and heart-pumping ziplines which has been dubbed as Asia’s longest dual zip-line. Its lunchpoint is 4,700-ft above sea level and at an stretch of 840-m. Aside from the zip lines, you may also ride down the hill with the Zorb or dine with your family and friends inside a theme park with lots of pine trees.

As per the mountain trekkers, Mt. Kitanglad is perfectly right for you. It is the second-highest mountain in the Philippines which towers up to 9,000-ft therefore reaching its summit would surely be a challenge to the climbers. Attempting the “Mt. Dulang-dulang – Mt. Kitanglad Traverse” is also considered bby some as one of the top 5 most challenging climbs in the country.

Bukidnon is also known for its many caves. One of which is the Sumalsag Cave which is one of the longest. Its total length is approximately 1,859-m. Aside from the delights and adventures you’ll get in exploring this cave, it other unique feature is its exit where one has to dive underwater to get to the other side of the wall of the exit passage.

When you’re in Bukidnon and you love golf, missing out the Del Monte Golf and Country Club would be a loss. The world-class golf course is 6,390 yards, par-72, and is made up of 18 holes. It is located within the pineapple plantation of Del Monte Philippines, Inc.

If you’re in for spiritual retreat, the Monastery of Transfiguration would be a good place to do so. It is nestled in the slopes of Malaybalay and hidden in its hills and trees thus offering solitude and serenity.

Bird watching is also an enjoyable thing to do in Bukidnon. The Bird Watch Tower in Lalawan, Dalwangan, Bukidnon houses the Philippine Eagle and is a host to rare bird species like the Philippine hanging parakeet, giant scops, owl, and species of the flycatcher, Brahmin kite and jungle fowls.

Indeed, Bukidnon is not just the home of sweet pineapples but of beautiful sights and spots as well. Touring around Bukidnon and enjoying the wonders its offering would surely be an experience of a lifetime. So, pack up your bags and enjoy Bukidnon’s wonders first-hand!

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  1. i was in Bukidnon last month, was able to visit Dahilayan. Dami ko pa talagang di napupuntahan dyan... sana makabalik ako soon! :)


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