Calling The Philippines Using Rebtel's Services

Friday, September 09, 2011

Traveling outside the country can be fun, educational and exciting. But you will never fully enjoy your trip when you constantly think of your children and family back home.

When I was single, I went to Germany for 3 months to accompany my boss for a business related case in Netherlands. Being in the export and import company, there are times that you have to shell out some money out of trust and verbal man-to-man agreement. Of course there were some documentation and legal documents issued prior to sending him the money, the supplier even came to the Philippines to check on our facilities and capabilities. A good relation back then was already established. So my boss trusted him. In the end, the supplier didn't ship out anything. Thus, we were forced to go to Germany and eventually visited him and stayed in his house - just to make sure. I missed my mother and brothers but it was manageable. I called my mom maybe once or twice only because it was just too expensive to call from a mobile phone though I sent her a couple of international SMS.

My next visit in Europe was when I am already married and have 2 kids. This time around, I cant help but cry at night as being away from your hubby and especially kids is simply difficult. I kept on counting the days and hours each day. But with services like of Rebtel, calling Philippines is now made affordable and within reach. You can basically use their services using any mobile phone, telephone and even public phones.

My last trip in Europe was not as hectic as the first one. Attending a printing and advertising exhibit was our main goal, at the same time visiting old suppliers and new prospects. At the end of the day, I have the option to call or sms my family back home.

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