Different Waterfalls in the Philippines

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Philippines is a tropical country gifted not just with beautiful landscapes, splendid beaches, volcanoes and fascinating tropical forests but also with numerous waterfalls distributed in its different parts.

Tinuy-an Falls

This is the Tinuy-an waterfall located in Bislig, Surigao del Sur and is the 10th tallest waterfall in the country with its 180-ft height and also considered as the widest with its 95-m width. It is touted as the Niagara Falls in the Philippines.

Alalum Falls

This magnificent waterfall is the Alalum Falls located along the Sayre Highway in town of Sumilao in the province of Bukidnon. It is 148-ft high and is surrounded by lush green forest.

Aliwagwag Falls

In Cateel, Davao Oriental lies the highest waterfall fall in the country, the Aliwagwag Falls. It is approximately 388-m high and its cascade has 13 rapids which look like a stairway with 84 steps of varying heights. This magnificent wonder-fall is situated in the middle of a virgin forest.

Limusudan Falls

The second highest waterfall in the country is the Limusudan Falls which is located in Iligan City. It is a two-teired falls which has a combined height of 870-ft.

Pagsanjan Falls

Undoubtedly, Pagsanjan Falls which is located in the province of Laguna is one of the most popularly-visited falls in the country. Its wondrous beauty fascinates not just the locals but as well as the tourists.

Maria Cristina Falls

Of course, who would forget this well-known 320-ft high Maria Cristina falls of the Angus River in Iligan City which is not just famous for its hydroelectric use but also with its famous legend pertaining to its being a “twin fall”.

These waterfalls, as well as the rest not mentioned, are the natural assets of the country. So let’s preserve and protect them for enjoying there waters and view is one of the countless pleasures that makes us proud to be Filipinos!

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  1. great post! we are indeed blessed with stunning waterfalls we should be proud of... thanks for sharing... :)

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