Any Tip for Our Singapore Trip?

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Still on our upcoming trip, I heard that Singapore is a very expensive country. So as early as now, I search for cheap hotels which is quite near Suntec because thats where the exhibition for Fespa is going to be held. Uncle C lived in Singapore for 5 years, and he knows the country by heart, but its also nice that I have some information especially that I will be travelling with my kids. Any important tip you want to share with? Perhaps, affordable hotel, theme parks, good food or even a detailed blog post of your previous Singapore trips will do.

My kids kept on pestering me for their newly applied passport although I told them that the delivery will only be on October 14 - thats one week before our travel. They even asked me why it took that long? This is our first out of the country trip with the whole family - oh well, minus my little Alexa - she is too small for the trip. Thus, I am making extra effort to make it memorable, probably search for digital scrapbooking layouts so I can display our photos online.

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