Family Trip to Singapore

Monday, October 03, 2011

We will be attending the Fespa Asia 2011 in Singapore end of October. In line with this, Uncle C suggested to bring the kids along so they can visit Singapore too. I am worried as our company is currently in cost cutting measures and the whole family is flying to Singapore for holiday?! Nah! Lets just say - business with pleasure!

Anyway, we bought the tickets already for 6 persons. Luckily, we still have ample time to renew the passport. Perhaps, luck is with us as we booked an earlier DFA appointment although I heard that the queue is long. The boys passport expired last January 2011, their appointment was on September 29 and was advised that the passport will be delivered on October 14 - in time for our October 25 trip.

Oh well, I hope the trip will push through especially that we have bought the tickets already. And I hope that we could find new suppliers for vinyl stickers.

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  1. Singapore is an excellent travel destination. It has many tourist attractions. Family trip to this fantastic destination is a great idea. I am wishing you safe journey. Have great fun there!!


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