Hotel 81 Star in Singapore

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 is an online travel agency that you can book and buy cheap hotel deals. I have been asking around of a good yet cheap hotel or apartment since we are a group of six, four adults and two kids. Booking the backpackers way is also expensive. Some hostels charged S$30 so if you multiply by 6, will come out more expensive than booking two rooms in a 2 star hotel. So thats what I did.

I booked at Hotel 81 Star via website. My friend recommended this hotel around Geylang. Although there are several hotels around the area with the same price range, I booked this hotel since my friend already stayed here. We will not be staying in the hotel anyway, so we really just need the bed and bath. And if kids around, the hotel must have a television, a better alternative will be samsung tvs because of its picture quality and cinematic experience.

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