Kid-Friendly Activities in Singapore

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

For two days now, I have been browsing for  a reasonable and affordable accommodation in Singapore. I have searched through area by area but ended up buying around Geylang area as it is a lot cheaper compared to Marina Bay where the exhibition will be. As long as the hotel is near an MRT station, we are good to go! We are not so fussy anyway as long as it is clean.

Singapore is such a beautiful country. My kids will be traveling with us thus we must make extra precautions and plan the activities ahead of time. Night Safari is one of our top priority. It is the world's first wildlife park at night.  The kid's amazing world will surely rock when they hear  the roar of wild animals like lions, tigers, hyenas and leopards. And dinosaur? I am not sure if they have it there - but that would be an added fun.

We will be flying on the 25th of this month via Cebu Pacific Air. It's a low cost airline so we cannot expect a great ride with meals and others stuff on board  but as long as it is cheap and clean, again - its good already! Who knows, one day we can afford to fly with jet charter. That would be awesome! A private jet for the entire family! Sounds good to me!

Anyway, aside from Night Safari, any suggestions on kid-friendly activities? Oh before I forget, I also want to bring the kids to Universal Studios. Where else?


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