Mexican Food: Slightly different but tantalizingly delicious andpalatable!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Are planning to hold a one-of-a-kind event? Are you looking for unique reception catering exquisite food? Or a banquet hall Frisco that can conveniently hold your gathering and special events? Or a restaurant where you can simply party and chat with your friends or loved ones?

Well, a Mexican restaurant Frisco might just be right for you. Yes, I recommend a Mexican restaurant. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. Because Mexican cuisine is award winning and well-known all over the world for varied flavors, colorful decorations and variety of spices and ingredients used. In fact, it has been added by UNESCO to its lists of the world’s “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”! Though style of Mexican dishes originates in Mexico, it has a long and varied history that has now evolved through the years of blending indigenous cultures and influences.

For those who craves for hot and spicy foods, the Mexican cuisine can surely offer you a lot of dishes to choose from since chilli peppers play a big part in the traditional mexican food. However, most of Mexico’s gastronic delights are not always spicy unlike what others say and believe although one can always add some minced chilli, chilli powder, or spicy salsa to any mexican dish. Some dishes are simply creamy and sweet and are compromised of mild combination of corn and beans but are still totally flavorful and equally delicious such as the tacos, cheese crisps, burritos, tostadas, sopes, flautas and enchiladas. Aside from being luscious and delightful, most of these Mexican dishes are really good for those who are health conscious since they are lower in fat and calories and are bursting in important vitamins and nutrients.

Still not convinced? So hurry up and try it! You’ll definitely be captured by the cuisine’s rich, incredible flavors and will surely say that it’s deliciously different!

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  1. not fond of Mexican food...pero I like their beef sizzling fajitas...hehehe!

  2. Yes I love fajitas sad..


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