Hotel 81 Star Amenities

Thursday, November 24, 2011

In as much as we enjoyed our holiday in Singapore, our accommodation is just a "so-so" hotel. Hotel 81 Star is one of the member of Hotel 81 chain of hotels. It's located in the red light district but considerably moderate atmosphere compared to other red light district areas I've known. Don't get me wrong. Hey, that's Singapore remember.

Anyway, going back to our hotel room, we were provided a queen mattress bed, 1 bottled water replenished every day, coffee sets and some toiletries. Oh wait, there was also an old tv sets with very limited tv channels. Don't expect something fancy, after all, the hotel is priced reasonably so expect the same amenities. I spoke to one chamber maid and ask about how they wash the towels and sheets, she said that they wash these using whirlpool refrigerators. This is one thing though that I admire of this hotel, is that they kept it clean and cool.

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