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Monday, December 12, 2011

Have you noticed that the pork being sold at our supermarkets are getting leaner and leaner? That is because, each year, food scientists are finding ways to meet the demand of leaner pork with less fat. Well, it is indeed beneficial to our health as they say, however, there is still one great downside to it and that is the fact that it is the fat which moistens the pork and makes it taste so good because it carries the flavors. It is such a good news then to know that there are still farmers who preferred to raise the traditional native and rare breeds of pigs such as the Gloucestershire Old Spot, a certain breed of pig that has a distinct layer of juice-spurting backfat and marbling within the meat. The old spot pig produces a top quality meat for all purposes and has a very fine carcass. What a relief! Now, we no longer have to deny our tastebuds with such a mouthwatering dish plus you can just order them online and have them delivered to your home!

At Farmison, you’ll find a variety of food products produced from the Gloucestershire Old Spot breed from different farms such as Boned Shoulder, Boned & Rolled Leg and Middle Loin of Pork from the Abotts Close farm and Minced Pork, Silverside, Pork Belly Steaks, and Pork T-Bone from the Quarry Bank Farm. You can even order carrots, potatoes and other ingredients from them. They also sell bacon, hams, sausages and burgers and even have a long list of high quality meat products from other animals as well like beef, lamb, pork, veal, poultry, game and game birds. They’re animals are bred slowly and the meat are naturally dry-aged which makes it even more flavorful.

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, ordering from them is a wise choice. You’ll not just be able to put delightful food on your table, you’ll also be able to save your cooking time to bond with your family. Such a good deal, right? Therefore, go ahead and order now!

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