Package From Cagayan de Oro

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Happy Fiesta Tagoloan! Yes, my mother is from Tagoloan. She said that its their fiesta but I don't know whether its the town fiesta or just their barangay. Anyhow, she sent us this box full of goodies.

Filipinos especially in the provinces are really fond of celebrating fiestas. It is customary to prepare food, lotsa foods as all your relatives, friends, neighbors and all the passersby will come and visit you. Of course, in anticipation of such flock of people, my mom roasted one pig and another 2 for the menudo, grilled pork and other delicacies.

For us siblings who are based in Manila, she sent us this package with half of the lechon and some more food. My brother fetched this from Cebu Pacific. Thanks dear Mother!

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