Driving Lesson

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hubby is currently in Dumaguete so I have to ask our driver to pick me up or ride with Uncle C on the way to the office. Its not so nice to always ask someone a favor but that is my way of commuting at the moment. Worst comes to worst, I would have to take a public transfer but that doesnt guarantee an earlier arrival or pay the tricycle a lump sum so he can directly take me to work - thats Php 150.00 and not really small. If I could only take a driving lesson again so I can drive the car which is just parked infront of the house. Its my long time dream and probably will pursue this long time overdue plan.

Next problem is, as I am more of a passenger, I am not so familiar with the streets in Metro Manila so I would have to purchase a gps software. But is the GPS system in Manila already being updated? I heard from an expat before that he activated and used the GPS and he got lost! Sounds funny but really true! Well, I guess its time for me to make up my mind. Be a driver or just a passenger?

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