Family's Dream Destination

Sunday, January 29, 2012

After our family vacation in Singapore where we visited Universal Studios, my kids are now talking about visiting Disney Land Hongkong. They have been pestering us since then. But lets see how it goes, we never know what the future brings, at least I know what they want. I guess its better to travel with the entire family than spending money for birthday parties.

My brother visited Orlando, Florida before and advised me that instead of going to Hongkong, why not plan ahead, travel with the kids and stay at the popular Orlando Hotels. This will surely make the kids extremely happy as it is their long time dream to visit United States. Not only the kids, but also the kids at heart!

I guess I have to start planning by now. For that, I must start searching at Facebook. This is the latest medium of research for a more direct interaction between the buyer and seller. Can't wait to find affordable hotel rates. Or better yet, package tours!

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  1. i hope your wishes will come true! enjoy travelling..thanks for the visit.


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