Tikoy For Chinese New Year

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year foodies! On Monday, the Philippine government declared as a non working holiday for the first time thus the celebration of the Chinese Year in Manila was extra ordinary. Not that I was there but it was evident in the news channel. We are Chinese but we always eat Tikoy during Chinese New Year.

Tikoy or Nián gāo is a type of rice cake made from glutinous rice flour and considered as a must served during Chinese Year. Its normally fried deep in egg. Its sweet, so sticky and yes yummy! It was my plan earlier that I should prepare something like what the Chinese do, but didn't have the time to do it. We recently just moved to Dumaguete and have plenty of things to arrange and do.

I heard that the people born on Year of the Dragon will not succeed this year, first, they'll lose their job! Oh well, I just lost mine! It's a bad news but I am hoping and praying that things will get better. Hope one day when all are in places, I could buy myself a diamond eternity band. I think I deserved this!

Anyway, lets all eat tikoy now! This is actually my afternoon snacks!

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  1. I love tikoy! We always have it for New Year especially celebrating Chinese New Year..

  2. Chinese new year is the most awaited event which is full of fun and delicious foods like tikoy. Love it.

  3. I like eating this tikoy with egg..I am craving to this..Thank you for sharing..

  4. Tikoy is one of the delicious foods that we have every New year...


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