Cheap to Buy Fruits and Vegetables in Divisoria

Saturday, February 11, 2012

We went to Caloocan yesterday to close one of our company's bank account. Its been a while since we had a transaction and the account is already a dormant account. Thus to save the deductions from being debited, we closed it for good and will just concentrate on other banks. Better than way!

Anyway, prior to going home, we went to Divisoria to pay a visit (psst shopping) to 168. But instead of going to 168, we gave 999 a shot. It was my first visit for Mall 999, its the mall beside 168. I was able to buy pajamas for my kids, outdoor shirts for my hubby, and other home accessories. I was able to buy custom name tags for my kids party. I am not sure yet if I will use this for Francis 8th birthday or will for Christoph's 7th birthday in June.

Just before heading home, there are several fruit and vegetable vendors just outside the mall. I was able to buy 3 pcs of cauliflower for only Php 50.00, 3 pcs of cabbage for Php 20.00, one portion of tomatoes for Php 10.00 and a portion of onions for Php 10.00. Amazingly cheap! For fruits, I bought 1 kilo of seedless grapes for Php 100.00, one pack of apples for Php 50.00 and 2 kilos of mango. Yum yum!

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