How to Find the Perfect Orlando Hotels

Monday, February 20, 2012

You have decided to take time away from the hustle of everyday life and treat yourself to a vacation down in Orlando, Florida. Your checklist is in order, companions are ready to hit the road, and you have someone to keep an eye on your priced possessions while you are away. Problem is you are not sure where or how to get the right Orlando hotel deals so that you don't have to spend up to your last dime on accommodation. Consider the following guide.

What is your budget? What services are you looking for? If you are big on saving, browse through different travel sites until you find hotels in Orlando that suit your resources and needs. For someone who wants to enjoy features like spas, guided tours, fitness facilities and shopping complexes, you should be willing to spend more. This however does not mean that you leave half a year worth of your salary and benefits with Orlando hotels. Take your time to find out all you can about different hotels.

The Orlando Vacation Hotels is reputed for presenting unbeatable deals especially during tourism peak periods. Their hotels range from 3 to 4 star with rates of between $50 and $120 a night during these times. If you are in luck, this would go a long way in saving you that extra penny.

On the other hand, several 5 star hotels in Orlando offer discounted charges coupled with excellent features such as pools, free breakfast, free high-speed Internet just to mention a few. The rates stand at $190 to $700 per night depending on the depth of your pocket. These include Waldorf Astoria, The Ritz-Carlton, Reunion Resort and Club among others.

Middle-level 4 star Orlando Florida hotels offer prices somewhere between $45 and $180. These charges fluctuate depending on the tourist season peaks and troughs, and the facilities within each specific hotel. Consider hotels such Orlando Days Inn International, Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa, International Palms Resort, and Radisson Hotel.

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