Planning a Romantic Date With Music for Valentines Day

Friday, February 03, 2012

Its Valentines Day soon and for sure, a lot of married couples, live-in partners or lets just say - sweethearts are already planning how to celebrate the special day of the heart. How about you? Have you booked any hotel or perhaps a dinner date with your partners?

A lot of hotels and restaurants are now offering a package deals for the couple. I have seen a few but never get to my mind of booking. I have bought several coupons from group buying deals like dinner in a 5-star hotels, cruise around Manila Bay and even a family dinner complete with suzuki micro grand digital piano and all for the bin. All expired now! What a waste of moolah!

When I was younger, it was always about eating out and disco dancing till the wee hours of the morning but now that we are married and have kids, we prefer a date with soft music around.

Now that hubby is in Dumaguete, even if I want to plan our valentines date, we might not be able to utilize again so better save the money for now and lets see come Valentines Day. :)

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