Free Goodies from a Happy Customer

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some of our customers are really kind. They would always bring some goodies as pasalubong. The sales staffs are the front-people so they are the one who has a direct contact to customers. And because, we always choose a friendly staff, customers like them and in return, they are always given a small token.

Today, we received rice cake or locally called "puto" from Liza's Assorted Goodies of San Vicente, Binan, Laguna.


This is highly recommendable. Here at Taste Matters, we only recommend food that is really yummy!

Liza's Assorted Goodies
San Vicente, Binan, Laguna
Cellphone No: 0927 615 5548

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  1. It sure looks so yummy! I really love puto.. This is so good with dinuguan.. :)

  2. I like buying some nice goods every time I travel..Thanks for the tips where can I buy some of them.

  3. Yummy Puto! This is good heavy snack.. :)


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