Great Places to Travel in Spring

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Warmer temperatures, the scent of flower blooms, and a general feeling of giddiness pervade the spring air. Unfortunately, it can be hard to fully appreciate these things if youíre trapped in a cubicle or other climate-controlled space. For those with the desire to get away for a bit this spring, visit your local travel agent with a degree in hospitality management, who can direct you to one of the beautiful Spring locations below:

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

If youíre not up for a long plane flight but are keen to get yourself into the sunshine, why not give Playa Del Carmen a try? Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Carmen is considered the centerpiece of the ìMayan Riviera.î While many argue that Cancun has lost its charm to giant resorts, Carmen has a more Euro-centric feel with a quirky town square within walking distance of the beach. The town is very walking-friendly, and you wonít be limited to the premises of your resort for the duration of your trip. Carmen is obviously not the place to go if youíre looking for a deserted beach, but it is a solid destination if youíre looking for tasty eateries, warm sun, and a place to see and be seen.

Andalucia, Spain

Southern Spain gets boiling hot in the summer; spring is the best time to see this interesting region. This grouping of 8 provinces has a varied cultural background, with plenty of unique architectural sites, as well as beautiful nature. 20% of the region is designated as nature preserves, including Coto de Donana, a World Heritage site. Natural areas of Andalucia are excellent for hiking and for horseback riding. Coming in spring will also ensure that the entire tourist infrastructure of the region is up and running; summer marks lazy days, closed shops, and a general feeling of sleepiness throughout the region.

Guizhou, China

As one of Global Travel Blogs top adventure spots, Guizhou is a great destination for those feeling a little more adventurous and ready to get off the well-trod tourist path. While it draws relatively few tourists, the region is growing in popularity, and tourists can choose to stick with the better-known tourist spots or chart a journey around their own interests. The region is home to beautiful and inspiring karst formations, large limestone cliffs which jut startlingly out of the ground. The region also has many ethnic minority cultures which preserve interesting ways of life; over 49 distinct ethnic groups have been noted as living in this area.

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