Healthy Food Choices for the Lenten Season

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

During Lenten Season, the Catholic world follows age-old traditions and one of them fasting in 40 days. Most observes exercise their faith by doing sacrifices that involves food such as refraining from consuming meat and others that we do like and feast on when the season is over.

Sacrificing our unhealthy food preferences for healthier ones should not only be limited to Lenten season. There are ways you can turn your healthy food choices for the Lenten Season into you preferred ones even without the feeling of sacrificing and fasting.

Lent provides many the excuses to eat healthier – more vegetables and fruits, as opposed to the usual meat and meat products we consume. However, lent should be understood as a time to set your diet right and for you make healthier and this is not really not missing out some food items. Healthy food choices for the Lenten Season can be preferring to less meat and more beans and legumes, more grains such as brown rice, quinoa and rice pasta, less refined sugar and sweets, more fiber, less saturated fats, dairy processed products and eating more organic produce.

Lenten season provides a window for us to exercise our faith through fasting and better food choices. But you can improve your life physically, mentally and spiritually with the grace of God and hopefully continue your healthier preferences even after Lent.

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