Dumaguete City - A Place To Be!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Come and visit the place where you ca find relaxation and experience the beuaty of freshness of nature. Rizal Boulevard, one of the Dumaguete's pride, which is named after our national hero, is a perfect place for strolling with your friends, family and love one's. Here, early morning strollers find times to watch the golden rays of the morning sun sparkle in the pristine waters of the blue Tanon Strait. In the afternoon,  the differents restaurants along the boulevard teem with foreigners and locals alike to feel the sea breeze
and watch the waves roll by from the islands of Siquijor and the Southern island of Cebu.

Disembarking at the port, a few steps will lead you to the gate of wisdom "Silliman University", founded in1901. One of the oldest and the biggest in the far East. It is also the home of one of the biggest clan. School and universities abound in Dumaguete, sectarian and non sectarian thats why Dumaguete  is sometimes called University town.

The Dumaguete  Belfy and Cathedral.

The belfy, where the natives used to watch out for "MANDARAGIT" to safeguard the womenfolk. The Dumaguete Cathedral with the Santa Catalina de Alexandria as the patroness, built during the 1500, rebuilt in1800 with limestone, still visible and still strong,  weathered by wars,  fires, natural elements and earthquakes.

Pedicab  is the major transport and motorcycle for rent is widely available in the city for a very affordable fee. There are many hotels, pension houses, inns,  resorts, hotels and bars where you can buy discount cigars.

For spiritual reflections and minds cleansing, try to visit Mt. Carmel place in Balugo, where retreats and Christian formation
activities can be arranged.

Please your eyes, fill your tummy  but feel in your heart the experience to be in Dgte --- the City of Gentle People.....

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  1. 'Gentle People'? Duh... You should experience tricycle drivers ripping off arriving passengers at Sibulan airport.

  2. Oh, sorry to hear about what you experienced at the airport.


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