Exploring the City of Love: Travel Tips for Paris

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paris is the largest and the capital City of France. It is by far the most popular city destination for tourist and travelers. What makes Paris different from other cities is that they have strict restrictions on buildings and architecture. The city provides a breathable air where you can always see the sky wherever you are. It is as busy as any major capitals but it is less frenetic, as the French always a lot time to chill and relax. The French have great appreciation of beauty and life. They are passionate people who are well known for their romance which no doubt makes Paris the City of Love.

Paris for the Art Lovers

The city of Paris is home to some of the world’s greatest artworks. Le Louvre is a mecca for many art lovers for the priceless are pieces housed here. It is by itself a well debated architectural design which many thought as a careful fusion of the old and contemporary while others think that the pyramid is an eyesore. The famed Mona Lisa is of Louvre’s top attraction aside from the numerous art works by different great artists. For those who want to satiate themselves with majestic works of art, you may take a few visits to this museum, though some people simply whips by the entire exhibition in a day.

Paris for the Religious

Many religious tours go around Paris for its numerous religious sites and churches. The Sacre Coeur is the place to go if you want to explore religion and art at the same time. The place needs effort to climb but you will easily be rewarded with intricate fresco on the ceilings of the church. The blue is amazingly vibrant as it would on a clear sunny day.

Another place to visit is the Notre Dame which is more on the scary or eerie side. Still it is a great place of interest and worth visiting to look at the gargoyles and discover a unique story from the artwork by its walls. The dim lighting inside makes the place appears more sombre and dark which for many can be a little disturbing.

Paris for the Romantic

For travelers who want to experience the really romantic air that Paris has to offer, a cruise down the River Seine is the perfect activity. You may also visit the Eiffel Tower and see how it felt like when seen on many romantic movies. Paris is also dotted with parks and small cafes.

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  1. I would love to spend one full month in Paris... ;)

  2. Oh, Paris! When will I see you? ;)

  3. I enjoyed Paris better than Rome. But for everything there is to see, I only wish to go back to Paris for their food. Served in small amount yet presentation is breathtaking.

  4. I would love to visit Paris too but it is kind of expensive to do so :)

  5. Me too.. I was in Paris before.. unfortunately only in the airport! hahaha

  6. I was just in Paris airport.. that's my memory of my Paris.. lol but got lots of photos from my hubby's business trip there.

  7. thats okay sis... being a traveler yourself, you'll surely find ways.. :)


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