Hongkong Eating and Dining Tips

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hongkong is the most frequented destination for a short getaway and shopping experience. Chinese food is now new to us, but better be prepared and be informed of the Hongkong eating tips:

1. Don't be squeamish. Tables are cleaned up before you take a seat.

2. The large plastic or metal pitchers of steaming hot tea that are placed on your table are for drinking and washing your spoon/chopsticks.

3. It's easier to get a table for 2 to 4. If you are a group, be prepared to sit scattered all over the restaurant.

4. Be prepared to share your table should the restaurant is full.

5. Don't mind the restaurant owners and staff who wish you will vacate the moment you finish your food. Just enjoy your food and your conversation.

Lastly, enjoy the food fellas! Remember the saying here: Good Food = Good Mood!

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