Identifying Different Types of Cocktail Drinks

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nobody really knows how the word “cocktail” ever came up, but over the years, more and more cocktail drinks have been popularized such as tequila sunrise, cosmopolitans, zombie, margaritas and daiquiris. Whatever the beginnings were, mixing and adding of flavorings such as fruit juices to liquors, vodka, whiskey and gin made the bitter taste more tolerable and provided party goers with a more enjoyable drink. But how well do you know your cocktails? There are probably a thousand types of drinks and mixes that fall under the cocktail drinks, but here are the major types of categories.


These are called mixers because of the importance of the mixers that goes with the spirit to create unique cocktails. A Bloody Mary would never be as unique without Tabasco and Worcestershire sauces. Or what would a martini be without vermouth? They probably won’t be as popular as they are today. Mixers can be anything from fresh juices, sodas, creams and tonics which allows bartenders unlimited opportunities to explore and experiment with new cocktails. Some of those juices that make great mixers are tomato, lemon, orange, lime and cranberry while club, cola and lime/lemon sodas are also great for mixed cocktail drinks.

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Spirited Cocktail Drinks

These are cocktails mixed with gin, rum recipes, vodka and whiskey. Some popular spirited cocktails include the following:

• Pink Lady – gin, lemon juice, grenadine and egg.
• English Rose – gin, grenadine, apricot brandy, lemon juice and dry vermouth.
• Strawberry Daiquiri – light rum, lime juice, triple sec and strawberries.
• Piña Colada – light rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice.
• Grand Rum Toddy – rum, lime juice, orange liqueur and hot water.
• Cosmopolitan – vodka mix with vodka, cranberry juice and cointreau
• Mudslide – vodka, Irish cream liqueur and coffee liqueur.
• Imperial Fizz – blended whiskey, soda and lemon juice
• Irish Coffee – Irish Whiskey mixed with coffee.

“Mock” tails

Cocktails have higher calorie content compared to wine and beers because of their added sugar from the combination of alcohol, juices and mixers. Wine only have 22-24 calories per ounce, spirits used for cocktail drinks have around 65-74 which falls on the 2nd to the highest liqueur category with 85-105 calories per ounce. Mocktails were then created for people who wanted the option of drinking cocktails less the alcohol and the calories. Pregnant women and those who do not like the taste of alcohol can still enjoy flavorful drinks and mixes through this category.

Shots and Shooters

These drinks are usually potent and short mixed drinks which are served in a shot glass. They are meant to be consumed in a quick tip of glass and a single swallow. Some of the most popular and widely available shooters include the Jäger Bombs which are made from Jägermeister plus Red Bull; the Jell-O shots made by mixing vodka and flavored jell-o and served in small cups, and the Snake Bite shots which is a mix of Yukon Jack plus some lime juice.

Other types of Cocktail Mixes

Sparkling wine and champagne may also be mixed with spirits to form some sort of cocktails. Even beer can work well with mixers but they would no longer be cocktails technically because they are no longer spirit based. Punches are also mixes of other spirits such as the Sangria which is composed of ginger ale, brandy and red wine.

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