Street Performers and Entertainers in Covent Garden

Friday, April 13, 2012

Covent Garden is famous as being one of the biggest and brightest shopping venues in the whole of London. However, Covent Garden also has a lot more to offer visitors than simply shopping. A large number of street performers can regularly be found in this area, keeping the crowds entertained while they enjoy a spot of lunch or take a break from bargain hunting.

Many of the regular street performers and entertainers in Covent Garden are extremely talented and perform at some of the largest festivals in the United Kingdom as well as regularly dazzling the crowds in this part of London. Most of the street performers can be found in the West Piazza, while several performers tend to gather in the Market Building’s North Hall and just outside St Paul’s Cathedral.

Andy Christie has been entertaining crowds at Covent Garden and other popular street venues for the last 15 years. He can usually be found zooming around the Piazza on his seven foot unicycle, while his knife juggle while balancing on a tightrope always impressed audiences.

Courtney Orange has been a regular fixture at Covent Garden since 2004. This talented performer specialises in Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatic acts, including his signature three chair-balancing acrobatic act.

Visitors to the Piazza will also have the chance to catch a performance by Mark Rothman. This multilingual performer has more than 15 years of experience and is perhaps best known for his impressive chainsaw act.

Sean Bridges is a world famous street entertainer that can frequently be found in the Covent Garden Piazza. His act features a combination of juggling tricks and bicycle stunts, and Bridges uses the experience that he gained in one of the largest circuses in Europe to ensure that the audience enjoys an unforgettable show every time he performs.

Other performers that can regularly be seen at Covent Garden include ‘Beautiful Stu’ Goldsmith, Shandy South and Rob Roy Collins.

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  1. I never heard of Covent Garden but I think this place is awesome! Being known as one of the biggest and brightest shopping venues in London, yay! I would love to go and check out the bargain sales there. I would also like to see those street performers and entertainers :)

  2. In Australia, they are called buskers. it's a different story here in our country, we have street performers but they usually do it for a living, while those in other countries, they do it for just pure entertainment...

  3. When it comes to street performers, I always remember Sinulog or the Braziliam Mardi Gras.

  4. Lets go together para masaya.. :)

  5. Very true Sir Rob! I also thought of Sinulog.. Pit Senyor!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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