Family Package Tours

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Every family long for Disneyland vacation. This is the ultimate getaway for a family with kids as you will not only meet and greet your favorite Disney characters, you also have a chance to explore the theme parks and ride to the roller coasters.

I dreamed of bringing my kids to this wonderful place but most likely only when my daughter is big enough to enjoy what Disneyland has to offer. There is no point of going there now when she can't avail of all the rides just like what happened in Universal Studios Singapore. My second son was not allowed entry to one of the best ride.

Hopefully when my little girl turns 7 years old, I would like to bring them altogether. I could already foresee that we will be wearing customized t-shirts to easily spot the kids should we separate inside the park. A friend of mine who is into travel agency business suggested of availing a family package tours as it will come out way cheaper.

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